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Volunteer with FOCCP

We welcome new members any time of the year! Meet other members and help us keep our neighborhood park an enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends. Take a look our committee's work and the many ways to get involved. 

Rose Garden Entrance at Christopher Colu


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning, establishing, and conducting programs to solicit donation to FOCCP. The Committee arranges and manages events, provides periodic status updates of projects and progress to the Board and members, and informs the Treasurer of planned expenses.


The Committee provides adequate and continuous notice of Committee actions, issues, publicity items, and planned activities to and for the behalf of General Membership. This may be accomplished by announcements at meetings, but at a minimum, should include providing such material to the Website & Internet Communications Committee.

Want to plan with us? To volunteer, please contact Fundraising Committee Chair Patricia Sabbey at

Rose Garden Entrance at Christopher Colu


The Horticulture Committee, with the assistance of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, is dedicated to keeping the Rose Kennedy Memorial Garden, the Waterfront Crescent, and the wisteria vines on the trellis healthy and attractive for the enjoyment of visitors to the park.


The members who volunteer to work on the Horticulture Committee meet three times a week, from the beginning of April to the end of October. Some volunteers join the group occasionally while others are committed to working one or more days a week.


The Committee's schedule is:  

  • Wednesdays: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. 

  • Sundays: 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


We invite you to join us in the garden and be part of this friendly and hard-working group of people who care for the plants and the beauty of the park. All tools and training are provided. Long pants and closed-toed shoes required. Long-sleeved shirts are preferable.

Ready to dig in? To volunteer, please contact Horticulture Committee Chair Robyn Reed at

Rose Garden Entrance at Christopher Colu


The Infrastructure Committee performs periodic ongoing assessments of the physical condition of infrastructural components throughout the Park in terms of wear and tear, deterioration, breakage, risk, etc., and provides coordination and reports to the Parks Department or other agencies for remediation.

The Committee coordinates with the Parks Department to identify issues that present budgetary or resource problems for the City, and determines if FOCCP resources are an appropriate alternative. FOCCP plans and coordinates funding grants through the Board approval process to the Parks Department when appropriate.

The Committee also assesses, identifies, and prioritizes urgent or current situational problem areas or items of focus (i.e., an area of trash or dirt buildup requiring a cleanup, or, the repair or replacement of Park furniture); notifies the appropriate City agency, department or person; and oversees follow-through until the task is complete. The Committee provides periodic status updates of projects and progress to the Board and members, and advises the Treasurer of planned expenditures.

Let's keep the Park going! To volunteer, contact Infrastructure Committee Chair Ford Cavallari at

Easter line up.jpg


The Membership Committee’s primary responsibility is the care and growth of the general membership. By reaching out to neighboring residents and businesses and by sharing common goals for Christopher Columbus Park, FOCCP has become one of the fastest growing community organizations in the area. Fortunately there are many ways you can help, big or small, all while enjoying the camaraderie of friends and neighbors! 


What We Do and How You Can Help:

  • Annual Membership Drive: Every spring we hold our Annual Membership Drive. From the design of the Membership brochure to scrubbing the mailing list to the actual mailing, all hands are welcome.

  • Social Events: A few times a year we hold Membership Social Events. If you love to plan a party, this would be a wonderful area to share your skills.

  • Information Table at Park Events: Like to meet new people? We have an information table in the Park during our special events. Members volunteer for an hour or two at a time to answer visitors’ questions and encourage people to join FOCCP or make a donation. 

  • Creative Ways to Increase Membership: Have new and creative ideas on ways to increase our membership base? We’d love to hear them! 

Interested?  Please contact Membership Committee Chair MaryGaye Grizwin at  

Rose Garden Entrance at Christopher Colu


The Website & Internet Communications Committee maintains and updates the FOCCP website,


In addition to being responsible for the website, the committee prepares and publishes the monthly newsletter, which includes notice of meetings and upcoming events of interest to the membership and community at large. The newsletter is disseminated electronically.


The Chair of the Committee provides periodic status updates of projects and progress to the Board and to members and provides information to the Treasurer re: website and newsletter costs and any other costs associated with the committee’s responsibilities.


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Updating the website

  • Updating the online calendar

  • Assisting with the newsletter

  • Providing information to the committee about neighborhood events and other issues of interest to membership that could be uploaded to the website or communicated through the newsletter.

To get online with this volunteer opportunities, please contact Website & Internet Communications Committee Chair at

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