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Become a Small Business Member

Our Small Business Memberships are designed to help retain the strength and character of our neighborhood by providing public recognition to those who join us. Small Business Memberships directly contribute to outstanding park programs — programs that sustain and enhance our park, our community, and YOUR business! Join below today!

Ongoing dedication by FOCCP members has elevated the status of Christopher Columbus Park from a beloved neighborhood park to an exceptional urban green space.

Hailing from around the globe, visitors seek out this cherished jewel of Boston and the local businesses of the North End, Waterfront, and Wharf District areas. In many ways, the popularity of the park represents the strength and growth potential of our local business community.

We need each other. Let’s support the park together!

FOCCP relies exclusively on Member/Sponsor support as we continue our mission to sustain and enhance our park and our community. Support FOCCP’s efforts to retain the strength and character of our local community while promoting your business.

Small Business Member Levels

Current Small Business Members

-------  Events Level Member  ----

House of Colour

---- Trellis Level Members -----

Bel Casa Realty
Boston Public Market

---- Lawn Level Members -----

Cogliano Dental

J. Hook & Co.

New England Vacation Rentals

Salumeria Italiana

---- Condominiums -----

Commercial Wharf
Lewis Wharf
Lincoln Wharf
Prince Building
The Mariner