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Become a Small Business Member

Our Small Business Memberships are designed to help retain the strength and character of our neighborhood by providing public recognition to those who join us. Small Business Memberships directly contribute to outstanding park programs — programs that sustain and enhance our park, our community, and YOUR business! Join below today!

Ongoing dedication by FOCCP members has elevated the status of Christopher Columbus Park from a beloved neighborhood park to an exceptional urban green space.

Hailing from around the globe, visitors seek out this cherished jewel of Boston and the local businesses of the North End, Waterfront, and Wharf District areas. In many ways, the popularity of the park represents the strength and growth potential of our local business community.

We need each other. Let’s support the park together!

FOCCP relies exclusively on Member/Sponsor support as we continue our mission to sustain and enhance our park and our community. Support FOCCP’s efforts to retain the strength and character of our local community while promoting your business.

Current Small Business Members

-------   Events Level Member  ----

Boston Public Market
Keenee Corp.

North Street Grille

---- Trellis Level Members -----

Prince Building Condominiums
Lincoln Wharf Condo Association
Lewis Wharf Condominiums
Fiera Capital
The Mariner Condominium Board
Bel Casa Realty
Strade 234 Condo Association

Small Business Member Levels

Membership Benefits

  • LAWN:  Your business will be recognized on our bulletin board for 12 months.

  • TRELLIS: Lawn level recognition plus your company will be listed on our website for 12 months.

  • EVENTS: Trellis level recognition plus your company will be spotlighted in one newsletter and listed in the newsletter as a Small Business member each month for 12 months.

The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Our Small Business Members Support Projects Such As: 

  • Bathing the trellises in blue lights and illuminating 14 surrounding trees from the Monday before Thanksgiving through Patriots’ Day in April. The illuminated trellises have become an iconic image of Boston.
    Annual cost: $35,000.


  • Maintaining the Rose Garden, which boasts more than 50 gorgeous rose bushes that include more than 20 varieties, including Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, and Grandifloras, making it the largest collection of roses on the Boston waterfront. 
    Annual cost: $4,000.


  • Purchasing plants and supplies for the Crescent Garden, and nurturing the wisteria to its full bloom. 
    Annual cost: $2,500.


  • Caring for more than 70 trees with the correct nutritional supplements and having them pruned to encourage growth and attractive shaping. We have purchased additional trees to complete the Master Plan we commissioned in 2008. 
    Annual cost: $7,000.


  • Creating Unique Art Projects. The most dramatic art installation created by FOCCP's art curator Robyn Reed is the annual Tunnel of Love every February since 2018. Robyn has also created temporary hopscotch boards on the walkways, a poetry reading station, and the inspiring “Changing Course” display to raise consciousness about the problem with plastic water bottles.  
    Annual cost: $11,500.


  • Hosting annual neighborhood events to foster a sense of community involvement, enjoyment, and park beautification. Over the course of the year thousands of people attend our events. These events are free and open to the public and include: Playground Clean Up Event • Independence Day Celebration • Sponsor Opera Performance • Summer Saturday Lawn Games • Sunday Night Movies • Columbus Park Fall Festival. 
    Annual cost: $25,000.


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