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Tree & Bench Sponsorship

Bench brochure cover.jpg

In June 2019, Friends of Christopher Columbus Park rolled out a Tree and Bench Sponsorship Program for the park. In the city of Boston there are only two parks with such a program and we are proud that Columbus Park is one of them.


Sponsoring a tree or bench is a wonderful way to celebrate a special time or person in your life. All sponsorship donations are dedicated to maintenance of Christopher Columbus Park.  We invite you to sponsor a tree or bench in the park. You can choose any bench in Columbus Park or one of the oak trees that lines the trellis. 


A joyful message will reflect the joyful atmosphere at Christopher Columbus Park. Consider celebrating a child’s birth ... a marriage proposal ... a milestone birthday.  The wording also celebrates the unique spirit of a loved one. Please note that we ask you not use words such as “in memory of.” Good alternatives are “In honor of,” "Celebrating" or "Honoring" and you might try to capture the essence of the person. 

Some examples to help you think about the wording on your plaque:

  • Pat O’Brien ~ Gone Fishin’  

  • For Herman Russell ~ Happy 65th Birthday!

  • My Sweet Jada, I love you. Be mine! Will you marry me? Isaiah 

  •   ... and baby makes three! Maria Elena Lopez

  • Chris, you’ve stood by me through thick & thin. Have a seat.                                                      

  • Relax and enjoy the view as much as we do. The Marinos.



What is the cost of sponsoring a bench? What is the term of the sponsorship? Is the sponsorship tax deductible?  The answer to these and all of your questions are in the brochure above.

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