The Infrastructure Committee charter and duties are to perform periodic ongoing assessments of the physical condition of infrastructural components throughout the Park in terms of wear and tear, deterioration, breakage, risk, etc., and provide coordination and reports to the Parks Dept. or other Agencies for remediation.  Infrastructure is defined as items and issues concerning the condition of Park furniture (benches and trash barrels)  and structural components(anything built or crafted) such as walkways and curbing, fencing, trellis, bollards and signs.

The Focus of the Infrastructure Committee includes:

  • Identifying, assessing and prioritizing areas or items of focus.  Examples could include; (1) an area of trash or filth buildup requiring a cleanup, or, (2) the repair or replacement of Park furniture.
  • Notifying the appropriate City agency, department or person. The important consideration is the requirement for continuous follow-through until the task is complete.
  • Coordinating with Parks Dept. to identify issues that are budgetary or resource problems for the City, and determining if the FOCCP resources are an appropriate alternative. Submission of the issue and justification to FOCCP would be required
  • Participating with fellow FOCCP resources in annual initiatives such as Tot Lot cleanup, Boston’s Green Day activity, Spring Garden Cleanup, etc.

The goal for the Team is to have some fun and camaraderie while experiencing fulfillment in being a direct contributor to the beautification and sustainability of the Park. We are excited about the opportunity to renew and upgrade this precious Park and neighborhood resource with our energy, ideas, influence, funds and strength as Stakeholders.  

We're always looking for new volunteers so feel free to contact the Committee Chair, Ford Cavallari at if you are interested in joining the Infrastructure Committee.

The Infrastructure Volunteers
Infrastructure Chair:
Ford Cavallari
Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, Inc. > PO Box 130285, Boston MA  02113 > > 

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