About Us
The purpose of FOCCP shall be to encourage, promote, enhance and coordinate efforts of residents, neighbors, area businesses and institutions, and the Department of Parks and Recreation of the City of Boston (Park Landlord) in promoting, improving, maintaining and utilizing Boston's Christopher Columbus Park.

History of FOCCP
This all-volunteer non-profit group was founded in July 2001 by a small group of North End / Waterfront business people and neighbors.  Founding members were William Lee, Chris Fincham, Christopher Carbone, Victor Brogna, Francine Gannon, Ileen Gladstone, Susanne Lavoie, Arlene Lowenstein, Deborrah Calcagno, Danny Nuzzo, Anne Devlin Tagliaferro and Dr. Selma Rutenburg.

History of the Park
Christopher Columbus Park is truly a neighborhood Park. It was created in 1974, as a result of the determined efforts of a united North End/Waterfront community.  In 1999, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s Office began working with the North End/Waterfront community on a multimillion-dollar park renovation project. This project renewed the fading lawns and made major improvements in several areas of the Park, including expanding the lawn areas, adding a dual-purpose, circular performance area and enlarging the playground.

In July 2003, Christopher Columbus Park reopened for the continued enjoyment of community residents, visitors and future generations. Our community has cherished the Park and actively participated in protecting and maintaining these four and a half acres of land on the waterfront.  

The Park’s grassy lawns, trellises, flowerbeds and abundance of shade trees make it a magnificent space enjoyed by all. The numerous benches, walking paths, and playground ensure that young and old alike can take advantage of the gifts this Park has to offer.

The Mission of the FOCCP is to further the utilization, restoration, protection, preservation, care, maintenance, enhancement, and improvement of The Park known as "Christopher Columbus Park", and/or the "Waterfront Park".

Click here for a PDF of the FOCCP Bylaws

Officers and Directors
  • President: Joanne Hayes-Rines
  • Vice President: Ann Babbitt
  • Clerk: Patricia Thiboutot
  • Treasurer: Ann DeLuca
  • Director at Large: Susanne Lavoie & Rita Pagliuca

Chairs of Standing Committees
  • Fundraising Chair: Patricia Sabbey
  • Horticulture Chair & Park Art Curator: Robyn Reed
  • Infrastructure Chair: Ford Cavallari  
  • Membership Co-Chair: MaryGaye Grizwin
  • Membership Co-Chair: Beverly Knight
  • Website & Internet Communications Chair: Kelsey Griggs

Meeting Minutes    (Click in the link to view the monthly minutes)

  • January 2017
  • March 2017 (Meeting Cancelled)
  • June 2017
  • October 2017

  • February 2015 (no meeting due to weather)

"A Park for All Seasons" 
The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park is the Proud Recipient of the 
2015 Michael A. Nazzaro Jr Committee Leadership Award 
for years of Dedication,Service and Sacrifice to the North End and 
Italian-American Community​